Future Proof - Discussion 3

Living a life that changes the world

Discussion Topic: Sacrifice and Evangelism


Pray together for the group meeting, and any pressing needs within the group.

Mission Talk

Each week you’ll spend some time sharing about the previous week’s mission. What was your mission, what were your results, and what did you learn from it?


Watch the following discussion-starter video. It’ll set the topic of discussion for the group.

Read Acts 9:10-22

  1. One person will first read the scripture selection in the King James Version.
  2. Next, another person will read the same passages in a modern language or amplified version for more clarity such as the New Living Translation (NLT), Message Bible (MSG), New English Translation (NET), Amplified Bible (AMP), etc. We recommend using the YouVersion Bible app.


  1. Choose one person to begin retelling the scripture passage in their own words (a new person each week is great!)
  2. As a group, work together to fill in gaps and build the story. This will help us internalize and own it.


Together, share around the group how the topic and scripture setting applies to your life personally, and to the mission and direction of our Church.

Here are some thoughts to consider for discussion… don’t let the discussion stop here, though… what questions can you ask that will help uncover God’s message?

  • What does this passage tell us about God?
  • What does this passage tell us about ourselves?
  • What method did God use to speak to Ananias? Can this give us any clues into his ongoing relationship with the Lord?
  • What other ways does God speak to his disciples?
  • What ways has God personally spoken to you?
  • Why would it be significant that Ananias told the Lord, “here I am”?
  • What can this tell us about how we should interact with God in prayer?
  • What did God instruct Ananias to do?
  • Would it be possible for Ananias to fulfill God’s request by staying where he was? Explain.
  • What was Saul doing while Ananias was hearing from God? What might this tell us about people God is leading us to witness to?
  • What did Saul expect Ananias to do to him when he came? In what ways could God be preparing unsaved people to receive us?
  • Can you think of an unsaved person in your circle of influence who are experiencing difficulty in life right now? Explain. Could God be preparing them to have an encounter with you, in order to find Him?
  • What was the fear Ananias felt when God asked him to go to Saul? What did he have to risk or sacrifice in order to comply with God’s instruction?
  • What kinds of thoughts, or fears, or emotions have you felt when thinking about witnessing to others?
  • In what ways could our fears keep us and others from experiencing God’s power?
  • What would have been the consequences if Ananias chose to ignore God’s instruction?
  • What could the consequences be if we choose not to reach to those God has put in our path? What could the positive results be if we do?
  • What did Ananias do in response to God’s command?
  • What was the immediate result of Ananias’ obedience?
  • Which was greater in this circumstance, the RISK or the REWARD?
  • Why would it be important for Saul to spend several days with the disciples?
  • How did the community’s perception of Saul change after his conversion?
  • When is the last time you had a spiritual conversation with an unsaved person? Describe that.
  • Perhaps not everyone will be receptive to our witness… but how should that affect our willingness to reach to the unsaved?
  • What does this passage tell us about God’s role in saving the Lost? What does it say about His planning and orchestrating of the process?
  • What does this tell us about our role in reaching the unsaved?
  • Will the risk ever be greater than the reward when it comes to us reaching the unsaved?


In light of what we now know about this passage, we have one single mission for everyone to do this week…

  • Lord, this week I will ask someone to come with me to our next Growth Group or church service.
  • Write this mission down in a prominent place, and even include a person’s name.

Next Week’s Scriptures

For next week’s discussion, read Acts 9:23-31.