New Here?

Welcome to The Pentecostals

You may be new here. But you’re not alone.

Join us for our weekend worship experience. We want you to connect to our church family so you’ll receive the encouragement, support and Bible-based messages that can help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are new to The Pentecostals, we invite you to get to know our staff, members and other guests in a very comfortable “coffee and snacks” atmosphere after our Sunday morning worship service. We’re looking forward to meeting you!


Directions to The Pentecostals

We have two great locations, and we’d love to host you! Find directions and service times here.


We reserve several visitor parking spaces in the front of the building, so please use one of them—they’re close to the main entrance! If the visitor spaces are already taken, feel free to park in any other space.

When You Arrive

When you first arrive, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly volunteers. If you’re new, they’ll offer you a free gift from us and ask you to fill out some brief guest information so we can keep in touch. We really are glad when someone takes the time to visit, and our pastor would like to send you a card thanking you for attending The Pentecostals.

Our Services

You are welcome to attend any of our scheduled services. View a complete list of all our service times.

At The Pentecostals, you’ll experience:

  • A comfortable, welcoming atmosphere
  • Friendly, encouraging people
  • Incredible, passionate worship
  • Relevant, Bible-based teaching
  • Programs for all ages, from birth to the very experienced
  • Other people just like you . . .

Our Sunday worship services normally last about an hour and a half.

Our services are filled with vibrant worship. We clap and lift our hands, sing aloud, and offer heartfelt expressions of worship. Please feel free to worship God in ways you’re comfortable with. If you’d like to read some verses from the Bible that describe the way we worship, check out our worship page.

If you need assistance at any time during the service, please talk with one of our volunteers at the back of the auditorium or with one of our greeters in the lobby.

Kids and Students


Our nursery is available during preaching in our services for children up to 4 years old. Kids church is for ages 4 to 7, and is an exciting church service geared just for them, with action songs, activities, prayer and a message. Your kids will love it! The nursery and kids church is located just down the hall from the auditorium. One of the ushers or greeters will be happy to direct you there.

On Wednesdays, we offer KidzJam for kids potty-trained up to 11 years old.


For your middle and high school students, we provide Wednesday education, as well as weekend programs that offer excellent role-modeling, education and recreation opportunities.

Our Beliefs

Here at The Pentecostals, what we believe is the foundation for all we do cooperatively as a church and individually in our personal lives. Beliefs lead to Values, and values are demonstrated through action. We want to help strengthen your belief in Christ so your values can be in line with what the Word of God teaches. Basically, we believe:

  • The Bible is the unquestionable Word of God
  • God created the world
  • God created man in His image
  • God’s love is unconditional
  • God became flesh in the form of Jesus Christ to die for our sins
  • Jesus rose from the dead
  • To receive salvation, you must be born again
  • Spiritual rebirth involves faith in Christ, repentance of sin, water baptism in Jesus’ name and baptism with His Spirit
  • Jesus will return to finally save all who have obeyed His instruction in faith

Read more about our beliefs. If you have any questions while you’re here or if you’d like a personal Bible study, please notify one our volunteers or greeters.

What to Wear

Many people aren’t sure what to wear when they visit. We want you to be comfortable when you visit, so wear what you’re comfortable wearing. When you’re at one of our services, you’ll see a range of styles from jeans to suits. Casual or “Sunday best” . . . it doesn’t matter.