Marriage and Family

Your family is important to us. At The Pentecostals of Kentwood, you’ll find a caring support network that will help you keep your family strong and vibrant as you grow together in Christ.

Maintaining a Healthy Marriage

Whether you’re successful in your marriage, or looking for solutions to parts that are broken, we believe God desires the best for your relationship. In addition to church-based events designed to strengthen your marriage, we offer an extensive library of DVD resources called, “Training for Life” which can assist you in the privacy of your home. God has blessed our congregation with loving families and strong relationships.

Sessions include:

  • Building Strong Marriages
  • Fruitful Communication
  • God’s Plan for Husbands & Wives
  • Harmful Marriage Traits – Husbands
  • Harmful Marriage Traits – Wives
  • Marriage Communication
  • Marriage Enhancement

Let us help you find God’s best for you!

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

Are you considering getting married? It’s so important to get your marriage off to a healthy start. We offer pre-marriage counseling with our program called, “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts”. This series, created by relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, is a comprehensive marriage program designed specifically for today’s couples by a couple. All couples wishing to be married by our staff are required to complete this valuable program first.

Sessions include:

  • Have you faced the myths of marriage with honesty?
  • Can you identify your love style?
  • Have you developed the habit of happiness?
  • Can you say what you mean and understand what you hear?
  • Have you bridged the gender gap?
  • Do you know how to fight a good fight?
  • Are you and your partner soul mates?

If you’re interested in learning more about what we offer, please contact us.