Growth Group Discussions

Growing Deeper in Faith and Relationship

Bible Study Discussion Series

We’ve collected our past series here for some life-changing study. You can use these lessons for personal devotion, or to dive deeper as a group in knowledge and relationship.


This series explores the incredible journey of the early church in the book of Acts – from its birth to its unstoppable spread throughout the known world. Filled with adventure, faith, dangerous missions and unbelievable miracles, we’ll discuss and discover how this unstoppable church wasn’t just a legend, but it was a model for today!

way of Wisdom

Obtaining wisdom from God is the greatest pursuit of life! The good news is that God stores up wisdom for the righteous, allowing them to take all they desire. Wisdom is threaded throughout many experiences in scripture, and in this series we’ll examine various encounters where wisdom flowed from God to mankind, gaining wisdom from God’s storehouse.

Red Letter Conversations

In Jesus’ 33 short years on earth, he spoke the very words of God… words of life, power, and consequence. Many translations like the King James Version print these words of Jesus in red ink, and it’s these words we’ll dive into together. Get ready for a life-changing journey through Red Letter Conversations.

Future Proof

God is leading us into a new season filled with excitement, challenge, and mission! He has called and uniquely equipped each of us to live a life that changes the world. Empowered with His spirit, and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can truly be Future-Proof! We’ll be ready for the challenges that the future brings, and we’ll personally be the proof of God’s vision!

Go Fish

Just as with fishing, there are many approaches to discipleship – some new, some old – but the practice is as old as humans. In this series we’ll put together a “tackle box” for changing the culture in our church, and change our world! We’ll make sure we’ve got the right hooks, lures, and rods for the type of fish that are in our own ponds.

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