The Pentecostals Network

About the Network

The Pentecostals is a thriving, stable church with a mission to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It exists as the result of a call of God, and its founding pastor and family planting the church in the city of Kentwood. I believe this genesis was not just a method of birthing a congregation, but an example of what the Pentecostals would become in its purpose – a church that plants churches.

Early in the life of the Pentecostals, God began to deal with me about His ideal for a healthy congregation, which included a church who could grow big enough to meet the needs of its members and community, but also small enough to meet the needs of the individual. While mega-churches have increasingly come on the scene of the religious landscape, I have always felt that God’s ideal is a more localized, neighborhood-centric body. While it will always be the intent to allow this congregation to grow organically and miraculously the intention is not to become a mega-church, but rather a strong church that multiplies itself in order to more effectively reach our community, neighborhoods and region.

We realize that healthy living things not only grow, but reproduce. The cyclical nature of life depends on this one factor: multiplication. All living things must multiply to perpetuate; thus, a failure to multiply is ultimately a failure to exist. When multiplication fades or ends, the cycle either slowly dissipates or comes to an abrupt halt. This principle proves true for humanity, organizations and, especially, churches.

Regardless of our views on the timing of Christ’s return, we simply cannot shrink from the obligation demanded of us to proliferate the gospel, and the scriptural charge to continue the cycle of life through multiplying.

The Goal

I feel that God wants us to increase our network of churches to 5 locations in 5 years.

The Plan

It’s important for us to determine the best means available to accomplish this goal. While we have a preferred method, we will not limit the Spirit in how this can be achieved. Following are the primary avenues we feel confident about…

  1. Establishing new campuses through sending leaders and congregants
  2. Adopting existing newer church plants as campuses
  3. Adopting and revitalizing existing aging congregations
  4. Training others in the methods we use (Partner Network churches)

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