Future Proof - Discussion 6

Living a life that changes the world

Discussion Topic: God Speaks Through Prayer


Pray together for the group meeting, and any pressing needs within the group.

Mission Talk

Each week you’ll spend some time sharing about the previous week’s mission. What was your mission, what were your results, and what did you learn from it?


Watch the following discussion-starter video. It’ll set the topic of discussion for the group.

Read Acts 10:1-20

  1. One person will first read the scripture selection in the King James Version.
  2. Next, another person will read the same passages in a modern language or amplified version for more clarity such as the New Living Translation (NLT), Message Bible (MSG), New English Translation (NET), Amplified Bible (AMP), etc. We recommend using the YouVersion Bible app.


  1. Choose one person to begin retelling the scripture passage in their own words (a new person each week is great!)
  2. As a group, work together to fill in gaps and build the story. This will help us internalize and own it.


Together, share around the group how the topic and scripture setting applies to your life personally, and to the mission and direction of our Church.

Here are some thoughts to consider for discussion… don’t let the discussion stop here, though… what questions can you ask that will help uncover God’s message?

  • What does this passage tell us about God?
  • What does this passage tell us about ourselves?
  • Who was Cornelius?
  • Describe Cornelius’ faith. Was Cornelius a Christian?
  • What might this tell us about who can hear from God?
  • How did God speak to Cornelius?
  • What was Cornelius’ response to seeing the angel?
  • What two things did the angel say was seen as a memorial before God?
  • How specific was the Angel in his instructions? Explain.
  • Why was he so specific?
  • What did Cornelius do in response to the angel’s instructions?
  • When did Peter go up to pray?
  • During prayer, Peter grew hungry… how did God use his hunger to speak to him?
  • How did God speak to Peter?
  • What vision did Peter see, and what did God tell him to do?
  • What was Peter’s immediate response to God’s command?
  • Can you recall a time when you questioned God’s instructions? Explain.
  • How many times did God communicate the same instructions to Peter?
  • What might this tell us about God’s character?
  • Why would God have been so patient with Peter?
  • Did Peter understand what the vision meant?
  • How did Peter know the men were come to see him?
  • What more did God instruct Peter to do?
  • What do these two accounts tell us about how God might speak to us?
  • Can you recall a time when you heard from God? Describe it.
  • Can you recall a time when you thought you may have heard from God, but were unsure if it was Him?
  • What are some ways we can prepare ourselves to hear his voice?


In light of what we now know about this passage, what is God calling you to do this week? As a group, take just a couple of minutes to silently pray to God asking, “Lord, what do you want me to do this week because of what I’ve seen today?” Briefly write this down as a personal mission statement for the week,

“Lord, this week, I will __________________________.”

Some possible suggestions:

  • Lord, this week I will devote specific time to listening to you in prayer.
  • Lord, this week I will practice being aware of you even when I’m not praying.
  • Lord, this week I will make plans to do “alms” (good deeds) on your behalf. Specifically, I will ______________________.
  • Even better, write your own!

Next Week’s Scriptures

For next week’s discussion, read Acts 10:44-48, 11:1-18.