Future Proof - Discussion 7

Living a life that changes the world

Discussion Topic: The Results of Sacrifice


Pray together for the group meeting, and any pressing needs within the group.

Mission Talk

Each week you’ll spend some time sharing about the previous week’s mission. What was your mission, what were your results, and what did you learn from it?


Watch the following discussion-starter video. It’ll set the topic of discussion for the group.

Read Acts 10:44-48, 11:1-4, 15-18

  1. One person will first read the scripture selection in the King James Version.
  2. Next, another person will read the same passages in a modern language or amplified version for more clarity such as the New Living Translation (NLT), Message Bible (MSG), New English Translation (NET), Amplified Bible (AMP), etc. We recommend using the YouVersion Bible app.


  1. Choose one person to begin retelling the scripture passage in their own words (a new person each week is great!)
  2. As a group, work together to fill in gaps and build the story. This will help us internalize and own it.


Together, share around the group how the topic and scripture setting applies to your life personally, and to the mission and direction of our Church.

Here are some thoughts to consider for discussion… don’t let the discussion stop here, though… what questions can you ask that will help uncover God’s message?

  • What risk or sacrifice was Peter making to preach to the Gentiles in Cornelius’ house?
  • As Peter was preaching, what miracle took place?
  • Out of all the people present, how many received the miracle? What might be significant about this?
  • How did the Jews (circumcised believers) initially feel about this? Why?
  • How did the Jews know that the Gentiles had received the Holy Spirit? What was their evidence?
  • Did the Gentiles have the same experience and evidence Peter and the Jews did when they received the Holy Spirit? Describe that.
  • After they received the Holy Spirit, what did Peter command them to do? How specific was Peter?
  • How valuable was the sacrifice Peter made in going to Cornelius’ house?
  • The Apostles and other disciples heard that the Gentiles had “received the Word of God”. Why might it describe their experience in this way, instead of detailing what happened to them (baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit)? 
  • Why were the Jews at Jerusalem confrontational with Peter? What did they charge him with?
  • What was Peter’s response to their challenge?
  • Why is it important that Peter told them what God said?
  • How does God’s word give us confidence when our actions are being questioned?
  • What did Peter remember Jesus tell him in v. 16? Why was that important to Peter?
  • Peter said, “who was I to think I could stand in God’s way?” What does that mean? What could he have done to “stand in God’s way”?
  • After hearing about the Gentiles receiving the same experience they did, what was their response?
  • What did they say God granted to the Gentiles?
  • What three parts to salvation did Cornelius and his family experience?
  • How important was Peter’s act of self-sacrifice to Cornelius’ family? How important to Peter? How important to his fellow Jews?
  • In what ways can you sacrifice in order for others to know God more?


In light of what we now know about this passage, what is God calling you to do this week? As a group, take just a couple of minutes to silently pray to God asking, “Lord, what do you want me to do this week because of what I’ve seen today?” Briefly write this down as a personal mission statement for the week,

“Lord, this week, I will __________________________.”

Some possible suggestions:

  • Lord, this week I will step outside my comfort zone to talk to someone about you.
  • Lord, this week I will take a risk by proclaiming my faith.
  • Even better, write your own!

Next Week’s Scriptures

For next week’s discussion, read Acts 11:19-30.