The Way of Wisdom - Discussion 8

In Pursuit of God's Supernatural Wisdom
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Elijah and Elisha

Seeing Beyond the Known


Pray together for the group meeting, and any pressing needs within the group.


Each week you’ll spend some time reviewing the previous week’s lesson. Did anything happen last week that brought the lesson to mind, and what did you learn from it?


Watch the following discussion-starter video. It’ll set the topic of discussion for the group.

Read: 2 Kings 2:1-18

  1. One person will first read the scripture selection in the King James Version.
  2. Next, another person will read the same passages in a modern language or amplified version for more clarity such as the New Living Translation (NLT), Message Bible (MSG), New English Translation (NET), Amplified Bible (AMP), etc. We recommend using the YouVersion Bible app.


  1. One person will begin retelling the scripture passage in their own words (a new person to start each week is great!) Then…
  2. As a group, work together to fill in gaps and build the story. This will help us internalize and own it. Be sure everyone participates.


Together, share around the group how the topic and scripture setting applies to your life personally. Here are some thoughts to consider for discussion… don’t let the discussion stop here, though… what questions can you ask that will help uncover God’s message?

📚Knowledge, 💡Understanding and ⚡️Wisdom

What was about to happen to Elijah?

  1. 📚Who knew and understood what was about to happen to Elijah?
  2. 📚How did Elisha respond to those reminding him what was about to happen?
  3. 💡In what way was Elijah’s departure expected?
  4. 💡In what way was Elijah’s departure unexpected?
  5. ⚡️How often in life do we know everything before it is time to act?

How did Elijah respond to Elisha’s request?

  1. 📚Why didn’t the sons of the prophets ask for a portion?
  2. 📚If no one knew what was coming next how could Elisha ask for a double portion?
  3. 💡Based on Elijah’s response did he know what was coming next?
  4. 💡How did Elisha show his determination?
  5. ⚡️What does it take to act without being able to see what is next?
  6. ⚡️What habits do you think Elisha had that made it possible for him to have confidence in his actions without being able to see exactly what was next?

How was Elijah taken?

  1. 📚What did Elisha receive right away? 
  2. 📚Did Elisha receive what he was looking for? Why or why not?
  3. 💡What did Elisha do differently than the Sons of the prophets?
  4. What are the similarities between Wisdom  (being able to act without knowing exactly what is next ) and Faith (confidence in the unseen) in the double portion coming on Elisha?

What question did Elijah ask at the river? 

  1. 📚Did he know what was coming next?
  2. 📚What did Elisha do with what he received?
  3. 💡How could Elisha know that what came next would be good if he couldn’t see what it was?
  4. ⚡️Who all was blessed by Elijah’s faith and wisdom?

What was the response of the sons of the prophets after Elisha came back across the river?

  1. 📚Did the sons of the prophets believe their own prophecy?
  2. 📚Why did they send 50 strong men to look for Elijah?
  3. 💡How is it possible to be spiritually aware of what God is going to do and yet doubt when it actually happens? 
  4. ⚡️How can we as individuals and as a group build confidence and faith to act on what is next?  This will not come by Knowledge and Understanding only… but will require some Wisdom from above.

Next Week…

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