Unstoppable - Discussion 19

The Unstoppable Church in the Book of Acts
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Unstoppable Harvest


Pray together for the group meeting, and any pressing needs within the group.


Each week you’ll spend some time reviewing the previous week’s lesson. Did anything happen last week that brought the lesson to mind, and what did you learn from it?


Watch the following discussion-starter video. It’ll set the topic of discussion for the group.

Read: Acts 10:9-16

  1. One person will first read the scripture selection in the King James Version.
  2. Next, another person will read the same passages in a modern language or amplified version for more clarity such as the New Living Translation (NLT), Message Bible (MSG), New English Translation (NET), Amplified Bible (AMP), etc. We recommend using the YouVersion Bible app.


  1. One person will begin retelling the scripture passage in their own words (a new person to start each week is great!) Then…
  2. As a group, work together to fill in gaps and build the story. This will help us internalize and own it. Be sure everyone participates.


Together, share around the group how the topic and scripture setting applies to your life personally. Here are some thoughts to consider for discussion… don’t let the discussion stop here, though… what questions can you ask that will help uncover God’s message?


    • Why were the men searching for Peter?
    • Who sent the men searching for Peter? Who ultimately sent them?
    • Was Peter a Jew or a Gentile? Why was this significant?**
    • Was Cornelius a Jew or a Gentile? Why was this significant?**

The meat of the lesson:

    • You have a choice of beef or horsemeat, which would you eat? Why?
    • Which of these foods do you find repulsive? 1. Grasshoppers 2. Snails 3. Dog 4. Frog legs. What makes them repulsive? (note: Each is considered a delicacy somewhere in the world.)
    • Why did Peter refuse the food on the heavenly menu?**
    • What did God say about the food on the heavenly menu?**

Re-wiring Peter:

    • Why was the scene in the trance repeated three times?
    • How were the unclean animals representative of the Gentiles?
    • What was God’s message to Peter?**

Rewiring us:

    • What are some long-held assumptions that God has changed in your life? Are there some He is presently changing?**
    • Who are you reluctant to share the Gospel with? Why?
    • When God nudges you does it take one nudge or three? How can we become more sensitive to God’s will?**

Next Week…

Unstoppable Outpouring Acts 10:23-48